About us

GGT is one of the largest companies in Slovakia and holds leading position in distribution of cigarettes, tobacco products and accessories for sale in tobacconist shops and newsstands in Slovakia.

About us

For more than 20 years, we have been supplying tobacco, smoking assortment and complementary goods to our customers. Since 2011, we have expanded our range of merchandised products by office supplies and books. At the domestic market, we belong to the top leaders in distributing cigarettes, tobacco products and complementary goods for further sale in the tobacconist shops and newsstands.

GGT is an exclusive importer and distributor for many world tobacco and cigarette brands and through 11 holding distribution partners operates a retail chain of tobacconist shops and newsstands under common name “TABAK PRESS”.

We cooperate with major networks of supermarkets, such as Tesco Stores, Billa Slovakia, LIDL, Kaufland, COOP Jednota and others.

Since 2009, we have successfully entered the Czech market and operated specialised tobacconist shops in cooperation with the Czech company PressMedia.

Year 2017 has brought us increase in share on the Czech market due to fusion with a company with own chain of tobacconist shops and the third largest retailer of press products, tobacco products and alcohol, the Valmont company.