Smoking assortment

We offer full range of smoking assortment not only for smokers, but also for non-smokers, who appreciate high quality and uniqueness.
  • Lighters and matches
  • Smoker´s articles
  • Pipes
  • Humidors
  • Smoking accessories

Our company is one of the most significant distributors of smoking accessories in Slovakia. GGT is an exclusive distributor of products of the BIC Slovakia s. r. o. and HEINZ TRÖBER GmbH & Co. KG.

We closely work with both Slovak and international companies, such as MOOSMAYR G. m. b. H, ATC distribution s. r. o., TOBACCO TRADING INTERNATIONAL SLOVAKIA, spol. s r. o., DanCzek Bratislava, s. r. o., TABAK Slovensko, a. s., MY & MI s. r. o. from Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic and many others.

In our range, you can find comprehensive smoking assortment completed by articles for everyday use, that serve as helpers for smoking cigarettes, cigars and tobacco.

In addition, we offer you full range of smoking accessories and smoker´s articles not only for smokers, but also for non-smokers, who appreciate high quality and uniqueness. As part of our complex care for our purchasers, we offer you valuable advice on smoking assortment.


In the field of lighter sales, we are the top Slovak market leaders not only by quality, but also by number of types. Our range contains piezo electric, electric, butane, petrol, or flint lighters, Zippo lighters, kitchen gas lighters, BBQ lighters with different types of flames – soft, turbo or jet flame. We can produce and supply promotional lighters according to your wishes.

The broadest category in this range are the piezo electric lighters of various brands (Bic, Atomic, Hadson, Cozy, Royce, Ldm, Sparx, Champ, Twin lite, Wild fire etc.), including classic plastic or gift metal lighters.

The most popular category are legendary Zippo lighters, of which we have more than 300 kinds and continuously expand our range.

A modern category, both in our product range and on market, are electric lighters, that can be recharged via USB with two different flames – spiral (heating of a small snail-shaped iron item) and plasma wave (small blue arc).

Lighters fluids

For the refillable lighters, we offer refilling butane or petrol liquids in volume of 18 ml to 400 ml.


We offer you a wide choice of matches – for fireplace, cigars, then firelighters and also classic safety matches, which can be customized it to you.


In addition to classic wooden pipes, we also offer feminine wooden, ceramic, or water pipes of various kinds and shapes.

Ash trays

We carry more types of ashtrays from various materials in multiple sizes: pipe, cigar, ceramic, spinning.

Cigarette cases

Rolled or factory-made cigarettes will stay in place in this metal case and protected against damage. We offer various sizes and shapes..

Cigarette pack case

Pack cases are an ideal solution, if you do not want to look at the deterrent images or to cover the packet. In our range, we offer various materials and shapes. 


Flask is always a great companion on events, skiing or trips, and also makes a perfect gift. It is made from durable steel material and can hold alcohol in volume of 90 ml to 240 ml.


Specially designed wooden boxes and cabinets help to store humidor cigars in a proper way. They recreate humid climate for proper aging. Humidors can vary in designs and shapes and in our range you can find desktop, travel types of humidors or walk-in types in bigger sizes designed for bars and restaurants.

Rolling papers

In our range, we offer you a wide choice of papers for rolled cigarettes in different sizes, types and brands from worldwide producers, such as OCB, Vážka, Smoking and others.

Cigarette tubes

This category includes tubes of many types and packed in 100 pcs, 200 pcs, 500 pcs and 1 000 pcs per package.


The rollers are of great help when rolling own cigarettes. We offer rollers of different materials in different colours, made for both long and short papers.


A necessary component of every rolled cigarette is a quality filter. Our range contains all available sizes – normal, slim, extra slim, more types from classic to charcoal filters and specially designed for pipe holders.

Cigarette holders

Elegant cigarette holders not only look good as a stylish retro accessory, but also provide double filtering, what can significantly reduce the content of harmful substances.     

Filling machines

Filling machines are an irreplaceable helper when making own cigarettes. We offer them in various colours, of various available brands (Mascotte, Atomic, Remo etc.), they serve to fill tubes with cigarette tobacco.