Accessories in our range are represented by wide selection of products for everyday use, and can be placed in the tobacconist shops and newsstands. Little things, which will cheer your family or delight many children hearts, and help to choose a nice present or a souvenir
  • Toys
  • Decorations
  • Playing card
  • Postcards
  • Batteries
  • Maps
  • Knives
  • Mobil phone accessories

Within the miscellaneous category, we cooperate with more than 40 suppliers and we merchandise with approximately 1 550 kinds of products. Among the most important suppliers are: MIKRO s. r. o., Notre Game, s. r. o., TRIGO s. r. o., EMOS SK s. r. o., Out of the blue KG, CORBI TOYS, s. r. o., Nekupto s. r. o., ALBI, s. r. o., STIVA, s. r. o. and others.


Our range of toys contains classic toys that develop fine motor skills and activate thinking, amusing board games, jigsaws, construction kits, building cubes, but also popular plush toys. We have toys that captivate everyone regardless of age, for boys and girls.


The best-selling decorations are magnets, key rings, pendants of different shapes and materials, often with names on them, covered with crystals or other types. You can find also imitation jewellery, mugs for everyday use and scented candles or candles with pictures on them.

Playing cards

We offer playing cards for hearts, standard four suits decks, canasta cards, cards for children with various Disney motifs – for Quartet and Old maid card games.


Whether it´s someone´s birthday, wedding, childbirth or holidays, you will certainly choose one from our range of postcards. It includes postcards documenting wonders of Slovak nature and cultural heritage, great as souvenirs or a keepsake.


We carry batteries for every device. We offer all kinds, sizes and certified brands..


We offer maps with diverse thematic motifs, such as tourist, geographical, cycling, town maps, roadmaps, wallcharts, school maps and similar.


In our range, you can find the Victorinox knives, which are one of the top global market leaders produced in Europe.

Mobile phone accessories

This category includes different kinds of packaging, chargers, USB chargers compatible with all types of mobile phones.