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Our wholesale activities include all the activities related to the goods and services sales, including distribution and logistics of products at all levels.

Regional distribution companies operate in 13 regions of Slovakia; they ensure the distribution of magazines and newspapers, cigarettes, accessories for direct sale and operate the TABAK PRESS retail chain at the same time..

Distribution Network

GGT B2B ordering system

B2B ordering system serves for the electronic communication with our clients; in addition to detailed descriptions of products, the system supports other functions, which will enhance your experience with the goods ordering process. It´s without saying, that the system provides online access to your delivery notes and invoices 24/7 with the option to view your order history.

The ordering system offers among others options like fast ordering, order importing through pre-arranged assembly, sorting, filtration, product categorisation, similar product suggestions, current inventory and similar.

Ordering system for VIP clients

Online ordering system for clients with higher demands with approval process offers besides simple goods ordering few other benefits:

  • Ordering of individual centres without the interference of head office
  • Option for ordering only pre-specified range of products, approved by head office, or contractually agreed range of products with pre-arranged prices
  • Approval process by supervisor
  • Addressed orders based on your logging into the system,
  • Adjustment of financial limits for individual centres, what allows tracking and control over individual centres´ costs
  • Online access to the price lists, orders, delivery notes and invoices 24/7,
  • Invoice exporting in XLS, TXT, XML e.g. to SAP
  • Information security due to HTTPS protocol with safety certificate

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the online ordering system and its functions, please do not hesitate and contact us