In addition to goods and services merchandise, we provide complex transportation and distribution services in all regions of Slovak Republic.

Our mission is to deliver goods to our customers as effectively and fast as possible.

Distribution network

If you wish to become a business partner of regional distribution companies (sale of press products, complementary goods and accessories, rental of points of sale), please contact the company, that supplies your municipality.

Regional distribution partners
We handle
9 400 pallets with goods
We drive
80 000 km
We reload
200 tons of goods
We deliver 
15 000 parcels


We operate own warehouse facilities, a central warehouse in Bratislava and a cross-docking warehouse in Košice. Our central warehouse has an area of 9 800 m2 and a pallet rack for other 420 pallets expandable up to 650 pallets.

Warehouse facilities are divided into seven sections:

  1. cigarettes
  2. valuebles
  3. foods
  4. smoker´s articles
  5. accesories
  6. humidor
  7. office supplies


The goods are distributed across the Slovak Republic through more channels.

  • By 11 regional distribution companies operating in 11 regions of Slovakia; they ensure the distribution of magazines and newspapers, cigarettes, complementary goods and accessories for direct sale and keep own retail chain at the same time. The goods are transported to their main warehouses and subsequently to specified customers´ points of supply.
  • By dealers to specified customers´ points of sales. In addition to this activities, we also merchandise at the point of delivery by means of itinerant trade, directly from the cars.
  • With our own vehicle fleet consisting of vehicles up to 3,5 tons and over 3,5 tons.
  • By external carriers.

Warehouse outsourcing

Entire storage and subsequent distribution to the individual points of supply of our partners.

In our extensive range of services, we also provide warehouse outsourcing for our business partners, including provision of transportation and comprehensive storage services in our own warehouse facilities and further distribution to the individual points of supply according to partner´s requirements.

Warehouse outsourcing includes following complex services:

  • receipt of the goods
  • quantity and quality control of the goods
  • storage in pallet racking or shelving systems
  • every day receipt and processing of orders
  • dispatch and completion of shipments
  • handling of returned goods, claims
  • stock management
  • reporting according to client´s requirements,
  • inventory taking
  • goods distribution across SR, even with one box