Dušan Barczi starts to run the first specialized store with tobacco products in Slovakia at the Kollárovo námestie (Kollar Square) in Bratislava, which was one of the few non-state owned stores before 1989



Under the business name Trafika Barczi (Tobacconist Barczi), Dušan Barczi begins wholesale merchandise of tobacco products and complementary goods. Trafika Barczi is gradually becoming the biggest wholesaler of tobacco and tobacco products in Bratislava.

Barczi becomes an exclusive importer and distributor of popular cigarettes brands from Japan Tobacco International and later Scandinavian Tobacco.



The company changes its registered seat and legal form, integrates into Mediaprint Kapa, a. s. distribution network, and due to the nationwide activity becomes a leader in the distribution of cigarettes and tobacco products in Slovakia.

Barczi s. r. o. becomes an exclusive importer and distributor of RONHILL and MC brands of TDR d. o. o. company, operates a network of its own above standard equipped tobacco retailers in supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout Slovakia, and at the same time supplies multinational chains BILLA, Delvita, Ahold, Kaufland, Metro, Interfruct, Shell, OMV, as well as domestic companies Slovnaft and Jednota COOP with cigarettes and tobacco products



Barczi s. r. o. changes its business name to GG TABAK BARCZI, and thus underlines its connection to Grafobal Group a. s, the parent company of the distribution network Mediaprint Kappa, a. s.

On January 1 GG TABAK BARCZI changed its business name to GG TABAK a. s., thus starting the process of corporate identity that is accompanied with the launch of a new logo and new corporate colours



GG TABAK a. s. is present also on the Czech market, where in cooperation with Czech company PressMedia operates specialised tobacconist shops.

GG TABAK a. s. expands its portfolio with sale and distribution of office supplies and books.



GG TABAK a. s. changes its business name to GGT a. s.

GGT a. s. increases its share in the Czech market due to fusion with a company with own chain of tobacconist shops and the third largest retailer of press products, tobacco products and alcohol, the Valmont company, and moves to new bigger premises in Bratislava.



GGT a. s. unites retail points of sale in Slovakia under common name TABAK PRESS.

GGT a. s. puts into operation a new distribution line in the central warehouse in Bratislava.



For the supply of the eastern region of Slovakia the company built a new central warehouse in Košice and in the second phase of streamlining the processes put into operation the second distribution line in this city.