Our range of foods and beverages contains more than 1 500 products. We focus mostly on distribution of food products intended for impulsive trade
    • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
    • Chewing gums
    • Salty snacks
    • Sweets, confectionery
    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Snacks

    We work with more than 60 suppliers. Among the most important are: Mars SR, kom. spol., VANAPO, s. r. o., St. Nicolaus DIRECT, s. r. o., BALIARNE MAXIN, s. r. o., Coca-Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko, s. r. o., Nestlé Slovensko s. r. o., Kofola a. s., FERRERO Česká, s. r. o., VODAX a. s., PEPSI-COLA SR, s. r. o., Red Bull Slovensko, s. r. o., MSI, spol. s r. o. and others.

Alcoholic beverages

In our range of products, you can find alcoholic beverages from 0.04 l to 1 l, such as beers, sects, wines, spirits, distilled beverages.

Non-alcoholic beverages

Among non-alcoholic beverages, we offer mostly small volumes from 0.25 l, mineral waters, sweetened beverages, ice teas, water with vitamins, energy drinks, fruit juices and children´s drinks.

Chewing gums

In the chewing gum category, you can choose from a vast variety of flavours, types and brands. Slices, dragee, balls, smaller and bigger packs.


Candies from our range contain full choice of consumer packages from 0.7 up to 150 g. In this category, you can find popular classics as Tic Tac, Hašlerky, mints or Lentilky, and also many gumdrops and chocolate candies.


Lollipops in our range are very popular with both children and adults. We offer them in various themes or shapes from fairy tales, different flavours and packages.


In our range of confectioneries, you can find sweets of all sorts imaginable, packed in 0.12 g up to 120 g packages. This range contains favourites to pair with coffee or tea, biscuits, chocolate, wafers and chocolate bars.

Salty snacks

Among salty snacks, we offer wide choice of chips, crackers, popular salty puffs and sticks. Into the category of salty snacks we have enlisted also dried fruits and nuts.


This favourite type of hot drink is in our range represented in all kinds from loose leaf and portion packs to popular baked fruit tea. Wide choice of fruit, herbal, green, black and white tea.


We offer this best-known energizer in 75 g to 1 kg packages. Our coffee range includes all types of coffee for occasional coffee drinkers, but also for the pickiest ones. In our range, you can find the capsules, ice coffee, instant or ground coffee and high-quality coffee beans.


Category of snacks includes hot drink products, such as milk pods for coffee, biscuits, honey, cream.


In this range, you can find pet food, such as wet dog and cat food.