Corporate social responsibility


Charitable fundraising Misia 07

We participated in the charitable fundraising Misia 07 – celebrities as couriers, where celebrities in a role of special cyclocouriers were delivering unique certificates. Proceeds of these certificates were given to help a certain person (a child). The charitable fundraising event was in the GGT company so successful, that a special courier – Slovak actor Róbert Halák, ran out of all certificates during his first trip.

Emergency transit centre in Humenné

Upon the request by the Migration Office of the Slovak Republic´s Ministry of Interior, we donated coloured pencils, drawing papers, scissors, glue sticks, coloured papers, writing instruments, and creative and educational products to the asylum seekers (minor children of preschool and younger school age) for their further personal development.

Presents for children´s homes on St. Nicholas´ Day

We distributed more than 20 000 pcs of confectionery to selected children´s homes in Slovak Republic, so that children could have enjoyed all sorts of sweets in their boots on the St. Nicholas´ Day. This sponsorship made smiles on children´s faces in the following children´s homes:
  • Children´s home in Banská Bystrica Kollárová
  • Children´s home Necpaly
  • Children´s home Nová Baňa
  • Children´s home Košice Hurbanova
  • Children´s home Košice Uralská
  • Children´s home Prievidza
  • Children´s home Trnava
  • Children´s home Bratislava Učiteľská
  • Children´s home Macejko, Malacky
  • Children´s home Topoľčany
  • Children´s home Prešov