Tobacco products

Our company GGT a. s. is one of the most important and largest distributors of tobacco products in Slovakia. We offer a wide range of tobacco products in the following categories:

  • Cigarettes
  • Cigars and cigarillos
  • Various kinds of tobacco
  • Smoke-free tobacco products

We are an exclusive distributor of products of international companies Japan tobacco International SA and British American Tobacco (Czech Republic), s. r. o.

We closely cooperate with Philip Morris Slovakia s. r. o., Imperial Tobacco Slovakia a. s., TOBACCO TRADING INTERNATIONAL SLOVAKIA, spol. s r. o., DanCzek Bratislava, s. r. o., TABAK Slovensko, a. s., MY & MI s. r. o., Tabak Invest Slovakia, s. r. o., Tabako, spol. s. r. o.


Our range of cigarettes includes more than 20 world brands and some domestic ones. We supply cigarettes and tobacco of various blends and sizes from KING SIZE, 100, through COMPACT up to SUPERSLIM.


We offer you a wide selection of cigars; handmade or machine-made cigars are constantly stored in an adjusted humid climate, and kept in places specially designed for cigars – humidors.

Our range includes most popular brands in the world, various tobacco blends from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico etc. Cigars are available in multiple sizes, such as Robusto, Pyramide, Corona and others.


Cigarillo products are available in multiple pack sizes, with or without filters and some even with the holder.

Cigarettes tobacco

We offer a wide selection of tobacco used for rolling the cigarettes into papers or filling the tubes. In our range, there are the most popular brands.

Pipe tobacco

For fans of classic pipe smoking, we offer tobaccos of multitude blends and flavours.

Water pipe tobacco

In our range of tobaccos for popular water pipes, you can find a variety of well-known brands.

Snuff tobacco

Snuff tobacco contains nicotine, but in comparison to other tobacco products it is absorbed through nasal membranes. It is a blend of ground leaves, mostly containing aromatic compounds.

Chewing tobacco

Chewing tobacco is a smoke-free tobacco product containing nicotine, that is intended only for chewing. In our range, there are available legal brands of chewing tobacco products , which comply with standards and criteria of the EU market.

Smoke-free tobacco products 

Our range contains innovative solution in tobacco industry – smoke-free devices with a new-generation electronic system of heating tobacco. It allows to fully enjoy tobacco without smoke and ash, and without bothering your surroundings. Available are special plugs intended directly for using in these devices.